Meteohub Activation Code Generator Tool (NSLU2)

This application transforms a license key received from "" into a Meteohub activation code for your specific NSLU2. After having generated an activation code the received license key will no longer be valid for generation of activation codes. You can activate exactly one Meteohub system with a received license key. If there is a need to transform your activation code to a new system, you can use the activation code transfer tools from "", section "License".

This tool asks for a license key and the MAC of your NSLU2 to be activated. Please store MAC, System-ID and activation code at a secure place. You might need these data for future activation code transfers, if your Meteohub HW might fail and you want to activate a new Meteohub system instead. You will find System-IDs on the "System Information" page of your Meteohub.

For security reasons each generation of an activation code will by logged by an email to "" including time and IP address of the request.

License key
new MAC (NSLU2)