Meteohub Activation Code Transfer Tool (NSLU2 -> NSLU2)

This application transform a Meteohub activation code for a given NSLU2 to a new NSLU2 platform. This allows you to migrate your Meteohub license from a NSLU2 to a new one yourself. After having received the new activation code the activation code for the old NSLU2 will be deactivated. Next time you use Meteohub on old NSLU2 a remark that this unit is "blacklisted" will appear.

This tool asks for MAC, activation code and System-ID of your old NSLU2 and MAC of your new NSLU2 platform. A MAC must have form "xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx" where "xx" stands for a two digit hex number. You will find System-IDs on the "System Information" page of your Meteohub. If you don't find a System-ID for your NSLU2, please update the NSLU2 to Meteohub 2.8b or newer, first. Activation code can be found on "Maintenance" page of Meteohub.

For security reasons each transfer of an activation code will by logged by an email to "" including time and IP address of the request.

old MAC (old NSLU2)
old Activation Code (old NSLU2)
old System-ID (old NSLU2)
new MAC (new NSLU2)