Meteohub Activation Code Transfer Tool (x86/SheevaPlug/RPI -> x86/SheevaPlug/RPI or iConnect -> iConnect)

This application transform a Meteohub activation code from a given x86/SheevaPlug/iConnect/RPI platform to a new x86/SheevaPlug/iConnect/RPI system. An activation code transfer might be necessary when you port Meteohub to a new system or change the storage media Meteohub has been activated on. After having received the new activation code the activation code for the old platform will be deactivated in 10 days. Next time you use Meteohub on the old system and 10 days have passed a remark that this unit is "blacklisted" will appear.

This tool asks for System-ID and activation code of your old x86/SheevaPlug Meteohub installation. You will find System-IDs on the "System Information" page of your Meteohub and activation code on "Maintenance" page.

Please notice that non-iConnect activation codes cannot be transfered onto an iConnect. To do so you need an upgrade license as described on "Buy Software" section on

For security reasons each transfer of an activation code will by logged by an email to "" including time and IP address of the request.

old System ID (old x86/SheevaPlug/iConnect/RPI)
old Activation Code (old x86/SheevaPlug/iConnect/RPI)
new System-ID (new x86/SheevaPlug/iConnect/RPI)