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Meteohub's Joomla-based Web Pages have moved to a new place and platform.

You now find the static content about Meteohub at (as before in English and German).

The Forum is also converted to a new more stable and capable phpbb platform. You Find the new Meteohub forum at Your postings of the old forum have been transferred to the new one. If you have made at least one posting in the old forum, your user account has also been transferred. However, you will have to request a new temporary password by clicking onto "I forgot the password" link. Providing your user name and email address (the one you once used for registration) you will get a new temporary password. Your profile settings will also need an update after login. Links to the old Forum will no longer work.

I apologize for any inconveniences on that, but a change to these more stable platforms was inevitable. Thanks for your patience. When you approach problems, please contact "info(at)".